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We have right now over 1300 People Who Would Like To Buy Property In The Metro Area.

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The Facts about our 2011 House Selling System.


I have over 1300 couples, families, doctors, nurses, investors, and people just like you and I that want to buy a home today in the area.

I'm a real estate investor and I find people who want Owner financing, Lease Purchases and Rent to Own, Investment, Lake homes, Executive homes, first time buyers, and unique homes daily. You may have access to the MLS and other systems with nice pictures but I have access to many more buyers than I have homes to sell them. My marketing works very well and I am finding a lot of motivated eager buyers right now. I always want to help people find the right home and I have fun doing it as well as make a good living helping other.

This process is unique in that if you decide to use us it will cost you nothing, but may save you thousands in commissions and months of worry and waiting to sell your home. We move a lot of homes, but as you know we have more Buyers than homes. So I have an urgent need for more homes.

I have done the work to find the buyers, find out what type of house and where they want to live, qualify them, Check their credit, Listen to their needs, decide what they can reasonably afford and talk to them about their plans for a new home... For many individuals this is their third or fourth house and some are now move up buyers with cash or can qualify right now. We get all types of buyers. You have nothing to lose but the mortgage payment and the worry.

This is my strategy, I have made this web page to locate more sellers Landlords and investors in the area.

The current list of over 1300 local buyers want to live in the area, but most don't qualify for a mortgage right now. This means they may need to buy on some type of Mortgage assumption, Lease Option, owner financed program we provide and run.

These buyers can afford the monthly payment and will usually qualify usually within 1 or 2 years. These buyers will also give you full market value for your house and full market Lease payments during the lease Option period and sometimes even more.

These Buyers tend to take care of the property better than a normal because they have a vested interest in the house and understand they are buying the home not just renting someone else’s house… They are tenant buyers not renters. They understand they are responsible for repairs to the house. They understand if they do not keep it up or improve the property they have to leave. This understanding saves a lot of headaches as there are no calls to you…just a check comes to you.

I am so confident that I can move your house that, if we agree, this can cost you zero dollars….The Buyer pays us up-front, so selling your house does not cost you a penny. You do not pay 6 or 7% commission. You do not need to wait 7 to 11 month for your house to sell. You pay zero dollars!! What other company can afford to tell you “ I will put the time effort and marketing dollars in and when it sells or is lease purchased out you owe us nothing?” Let me repeat that…….When your house is sold to us or Owner Financed by us or is Lease Purchased out you pay nothing for our services. There is nothing to lose but the monthly mortgage payment and the utility bills!!!!!!!!!

Normally there are very few reasons why we are not able to get you full market value even in today’s market because the way we are moving houses. The buyers on our list are motivated and need to move now. Timing is important. Some buyers will be gone by the end of the month (because they bought a home from us) while new buyers are joining our list daily. Most of the work is done, you just need to get your home in front of the right buyer.

Hey I am a real person, most of the time anyway…just kidding. Call me and we will talk and I will answer your questions. I could be sending out an email to a large buyers list about your house tomorrow. I have sold houses in one day with this list, so please only call if you want to sell your house now.


Mark Neighbor


PS - Just a quick note: I am not acting as a real estate agent and you will not need to pay me a commission. I will list your property in many places and take all the calls and work to move it quickly. I am acting as a buyer/ investor. We can also make you a cash offer today.

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